Cosmetology Manager Program

This 19 week curriculum covers a minimum of 150 hours of instruction and training, which upon completion leads to a diploma that will enable the graduate to become licensed as a Manager in the state of Wisconsin when state board testing requirements have been satisfied and 2000 hours of practitioner training attained.

The course of instruction is based on Milady’s Successful Salon and Spa Management text. Gill-Tech Academy’s curriculum has been designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of salon management, designed to meet the requirements of a salon setting, as well as meet the rules and regulations set forth by the Wisconsin State Board of Safety and Professional Services.


Theory Hours Practical Hours Wisconsin Aesthetics Subjects
(SOC Code 39-5094.00)
50 Business Management
Retail Management, Advertising and Marketing
Time Management
Computer Applications
50 Communication
Human Relations
50 Supervision
Supervision and Personnel
Leadership and Motivation
Chemical and Tool Safety
Sanitation Safety
150 0 TOTAL HOURS 150

Theory: means training through the study of principles and methods.
Practical: means training through action or direct contact with a client or model other than a manikin.

Program Schedule

The daily class schedule consists of an average minimum of eight hours of instruction per day. Class hours are scheduled one day per week, with the day and time to be determined at class start.