Aesthetics Program

This 30 week curriculum covers a minimum of 450 hours of instruction and training, which upon completion leads to a diploma that will enable the graduate to become licensed in Aesthetics in the state of Wisconsin when State Board testing requirements have been attained.

The course of instruction is based on Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals text. Our curriculum has been designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of aesthetics, which is then expanded to provide our students with the extra knowledge and experience essential to effectively compete
in the salons of the future.

Most aesthetics courses have a THEORY segment; in which fundamental concepts, principles and procedures are taught. In a classroom setting, the theory subject matter is introduced, as well as expanded upon and put into practice on mannequins, student subjects and models. When the student is ready to apply this knowledge in an actual professional setting, the student is scheduled in the STUDENT SALON. In the Student Salon, actual clients receive the professional services of students under the supervision of licensed instructors, as the students gain hands-on experience in a specific course area.


Theory Hours Practical Hours Wisconsin Aesthetics Subjects
(SOC Code 39-5094.00)
26 0 Law and Code, Bookkeeping, Business Management, History and Ethics
30 20 Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization
30 0 Anatomy and Physiology
24 0 Chemistry, Treatments and Process
32 96 Treatment—product and techniques
10 35 Electricity, Machines and Equipment
12 20 Makeup and Color Analysis
65 50 Individual Student Needs and Electives
229 221 TOTAL HOURS 450

Theory: means training through the study of principles and methods.
Practical: means training through action or direct contact with a client or model other than a manikin.