Girl With The Hair – Jennifer Aniston

July 24, 2015
Mair Runge

The All-American Girl ( a.k.a. Jennifer Aniston), is this publication’s choice for The Girl With the Hair. Thepublic’s love affair with everything “Jennifer” began in the 1990’s with Aniston’s notable hair cut, a razor sharp hairdo crafted by celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan. “The Rachel”, named after the character she played, was adored weekly by fans watching the hit television sitcom “Friends”.

After the big hair of the early eighties, and the blunt cuts that followed, Chris McMillan’s styling of Aniston introduced a layered cut that offered movement and unpredictability. The cut vacillated between done and undone with its uneven part and fly-away appearance, and women of all ages rushed out to duplicate the star’s look. Rumor had it that Aniston was slightly upset to be known for her hair style rather than her acting chops, but her longevity in the industry—no matter what her changing hair style—has proven that Aniston’s All-American appeal transcends generations and is always in style.

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